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As your Mayor, I will work extremely hard and never waiver from that grilling task of keeping New Braunfels safe and beautiful!

As Mayor I cannot stop growth, but I can persuade certain people to slow the growth way down.


The Problem:

  • In 2020, our city had a population of 91,319 citizens and just after three short years our population has jumped to over 105,000.  

  • Our city is growing at an average of over 4,560 people each and every year!

  • In 2020, our Comal County had a population of 164,812 citizens and just after three short years our population has jumped to over 205,000.

  • Our County is growing at an average of over 13,396 people each and every year!

  • From my discussions with our citizens, people are against this wild and nonsensical growth, yet Big Business from places like California, Colorado, Texas developers and contracts consider this to be the 'Diamond-in-the Ruff', compared to others cities within the entire country, and want desperately to land here and flourish. 

  • While big developer business s is booming, the people of New Braunfels are suffering.  I no long want the people to suffer, and I will do all that I can to stop it!  You can take that to the bank!

  • I must articulate not just my vision but your vision for creating and maintaining a prosperous, livable, and fiscally responsible city.  Our city must remain beautiful and safe.  The future that I see for our beautiful city forecasts something unlivable – mostly depressing.

  • There are a few aspects of government policy that touch our lives as profoundly as transportation, land use, water use, and natural resource overuse.  Our quickly built environment exerts a tremendous influence upon the cost of transportation, housing, utilities and government services as well as the quality of life and the environment.  I believe that the citizens of New Braunfels are screaming for ‘Common Sense Growth!'

  • This growth that is happening MUST be made with the vision of a beautiful city and its citizens in mind. 

  • Our city does contain many problems arising from the dysfunctional land use patterns developed by zoning.  We must step back and look at how the zoning currently sits and what we need to do to fix the problem of irresponsible growth.

  • Can our city continue to sustain this type of growth?  Can our city afford to keep growing at this unbelievable and historic rate?!  My answers are a shouting “NO!”  We are heading to a solution that is directing or herding our people into multi-family housing and mass transit.  This vision for New Braunfels is not the vision that the citizens of New Braunfels neither want nor need.


My Solution:

  • Slow growth way down by involving public input, developing a plan, studying the water and the environment.

  • I will drive for what I call a, “Conservative, Common-Sense Growth” approach. 

  • If elected, I will go forward with something close to a three-year development moratorium to slow down this extreme growth boom that is hindering our population and our beautiful city!  

  • I will listen to the people of New Braunfels.  I will keep you well-informed and ask for your input.  I want you to have a role in the future of New Braunfels' development.  The future of your city is in your hands!

  • I will listen to YOU!  We desperately need a Conservative Leader for Common Sense Growth, a growth that is driven on our water situation!

  • I believe in a small form of government that focuses on a few core responsibilities and do them well.  Government that governs the least governs the best. 


Our current leadership has given us the fastest growing city in all of America for close to seven years in a row.  This title is very good for Big Business and at the same time extremely concerning and bad for the people. 


Thoreau states, “government is best which governs not at all”. 


I will listen to the people of New Braunfels!  I will keep the citizens of New Braunfels well informed of any new prospects and project proposals and leave it up to them to hold the future of these proposals in their hands!


We must take back this irresponsible growth of our city and we must bring the future of our city back into the hands of the citizen!

Population Chart 2.png

Our irresponsible overgrowth is critically hurting our water supply!  Our water is disappearing!  Landa Park did have one of the earliest human habitation in all of America, to include Canada.  We have the largest natural springs within our state and it is truly the heart of New Braunfels.  We have the Edwards Aquifer and the Comal Springs to feed our citizens and the environment.



The Comal Springs and the Edwards Aquifer are being over consumed and has very little time to naturally replenish itself.  We must do something to save our Natural Springs.  Remember, our Edwards Aquifer does encompass an area of 8 counties across south-central Texas, including San Antonio and our surrounding communities.  The Edwards Aquifer is the main water supply source for the region and provides water flows not just for our citizens, but for endangered species and all wildlife.


My mission as Mayor will be to save and protect our life-sustaining Edwards Aquifer and the Comal Springs.  I will question and seek advice from hydrologists and geologists, those who have studied the area and know the educated answers.  They can present to me the much-needed material and information to make responsible decisions to preserve the Edwards Aquifer and the Comal Springs.  This will positively secure our future for many generations to come!


We must stop over-using our water!  We must protect the recharge zones for the Springs.  We must inform the public that New Braunfels is in real trouble and we are at our wits end.  Educated water conservation and consumption will lead to the saving of our Aquifer and Springs.  We must educate our youth to learn how to conserve water.  The future of our city stands on the life of our water.  Our city is in deep trouble while standing in the shallow dried up end.  We Must Act Now!  We Must Act Before It Is Too Late!

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