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The Police need our help and support!  As your Mayor, I will give them whatever they need to succeed!  We need a Crime Control Prevention District (CCPD) created for our New Braunfels City Police!


The New Braunfels Police Association advocates that crime is way up as the population is growing fast and the city’s police force needs more money for hiring, training, equipment, and other crime prevention programs.  Our police have outdated, esoteric, and obsolete radio communications equipment and infrastructure that needs to be entirely replaced.  Remember, radio communications is a crucial lifeline under fire, a lifeline for all our police officers.  Also, the NB police do not have the opportunity to do proactive policing.  They currently have a two-officer traffic unit.  The NB police only have 3 school district peace officers or School Resource Officers (SROs) for a total of 16 schools.  That is extremely pitiful and scary for the safety and welfare of our children and teachers.  How are we protecting our children?  We are simply not.


The Crime Control Prevention District would allocate more money to the police department without raising taxes on the citizens.  The New Braunfels City Council members voted against it and shot that idea down expressing their deepest concerns that this was a very bad idea and that the police should have all the money they need from the General fund.  The police on the ground, the backbone of peace and law enforcement know otherwise.  City Hall does not care.


So, the police were forced to circulate a petition and let the citizens of New Braunfels decide and force the City Council to create the CCPD.  They walked the streets for days trying to get the 3,200 signatures needed to have the CCPD added to the Special election.  Unfortunately, the police and some NB citizens did not get enough signatures in time.  The city got their way, and the police did not get the support they desperately needed.


The creation of the CCPD would not raise any new taxes on the citizens.  Only $3.5 million would be allocated to the Crime Control Prevention District from the $9 million that’s already earmarked to the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation or the EDC.  The money needed for the CCPD would come from the EDC’s budget and that was a very bad idea for some.  Board members from the EDC expressed to the core that they did not like this idea at all.  Some members of the City Council agreed with the EDC.  Those against the creation of the district included, the president and CEO of the New Braunfels Greater Chamber of Commerce, whom was vehemently and adamantly against the creation of the CCPD.  Why?  The world may never know …


I personally vow to have the police funded with whatever they need for complete success.  I will make sure that the City of New Braunfels passes the Crime Control Prevention District!  Crime is quickly rising as our population continues to sore.  Our Peace officers need our help as they risk their lives protecting us, protect New Braunfels.  This I Vow!  You can take that to the Bank!

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