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My Promise to You!

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"I come from a very proud military family that truly Loves Texas and America!  My wife and I love this Great and Beautiful City of New Braunfels, the People, and the Majestic Scenery.  We moved here because we wanted to make New Braunfels our home!"

"The Future of Your City is in Your Hands!  My Name is Michael Alexander French, and I am on the Ballot as Candidate for Mayor of New Braunfels, Texas!  The Election is May 6, 2023!"


"I am a Conservative Leader for Common Sense Growth for Our City!  I Stand for Slowing Our Fast-Paced, Out-of-Control Growth, Conserving and Finding More Water, Supporting Our Police, the Protectors of the Streets, Supporting Our Brave Firefighters, and Supporting Our Hero EMT’s!  I Fully Support and Will Be an Advocate for Our Great Teachers!  I Will Listen to You!  The City of New Braunfels Has Lost Sight of the People and Their Needs!  This Must Change!"


"I am Not a Lawyer or For Big Business!  I Do Not Have Developers from California or Colorado Beating Down My Door!  I am Simply a Hard-Working Texas Veteran that Wants to Save the Historical Beauty of New Braunfels --- To Save What is Left!  The Other Candidates are Simply the Status Quo and that is the Honest Truth!"


"If No One Else Will Defend Our City, Then I Must! "

"Our Traffic is Horrible!  Our Population is Booming at an excessively rapid rate – too much, too fast!  Our natural resources are depleting!  The heart of Landa Park, its natural artesian springs are drying up!  New Braunfels is running out of water!  Zoning is a problem!  Close-quarter stacked family housing developments are being built everywhere!  Shopping centers are popping up everywhere!  More car washes are being built!  This comes with a cost to the citizens of New Braunfels – YOU!  The citizens of New Braunfels are hurting and DO NOT WANT the GROWTH!  Nobody is Listening!  The City is not listening to YOU!  I Will Listen to YOU and YOU will be the ones in charge of what happens to YOUR CITY!"

"I am running on Water Conservation and Public Education about Water Conservation.  We must find alternate resources of water to feed the next generations to come.  We must take a massive look at our city's growth, coupled with our heat waves and tumultuous drought, and re-drive our growth direction planning to  a more 'Water-based' common sense approach.  Our people, our city are experiencing a great deal of hurt."

"Our police officers need our help and full support!  They need the creation of the Crime Control Prevention District (CCPD) so that they can receive the funds they need for newer and better technologies.  They need more officers hired and trained with better equipment to better protect us from crime!  Our city purposely let them down.  They have let YOU down by voting against the CCPD and the police!"

"The current Mayor is stepping down and I need to step forward and step up to take charge!  I will take the reins and move our City into a new direction.  We must try harder and better for the people of New Braunfels!  I do not see it right now!  I am not impressed!  We are not trying hard enough!  We Must Try Harder!"

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